Two Wheels to Freedom (Feature for Romeing, July 2014)

The best part about being the occasional freelancer is that I get to be picky about the stories I cover. This summer, a good friend of mine, former roommate and Editor in Chief of Young in Rome asked me to write about cycling in the Eternal City for ex-pat magazine Romeing. For those of you who know my personal life, you know that every adventure comes with a customized bicycle. I’ve had visitors who have trusted me enough to take them through the free wheeling cobblestone streets by my favorite method of transportation, and while it may seem like a death-defying feat, this article reveals some secrets about how to get by on bike in Rome.


ps. The images of me are stills taken from my music video When I Think About You, directed by Federico Tinelli!

About peninrome

Tess Amodeo-Vickery lives and writes in Rome, Italy, where she is the European Fashion Editor for Runway Passport ( Recently, Tess wrote and edited documentary shooting treatments for National Geographic Television and Discovery Channel US. She has written for The Nashua Telegraph, The Milford Cabinet,, and was recently featured in Her undergraduate thesis, When In Rome, earned her University Honors from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. Tess is the front woman for Roman jazz ensemble, Bixilander Swing Orchestra, and shares a birthday with Coco Chanel. Email for freelance coverage in Italy and greater Europe.
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