Two Wheels to Freedom (Feature for Romeing, July 2014)

The best part about being the occasional freelancer is that I get to be picky about the stories I cover. This summer, a good friend of mine, former roommate and Editor in Chief of Young in Rome asked me to write about cycling in the Eternal City for ex-pat magazine Romeing. For those of you who know my personal life, you know that every adventure comes with a customized bicycle. I’ve had visitors who have trusted me enough to take them through the free wheeling cobblestone streets by my favorite method of transportation, and while it may seem like a death-defying feat, this article reveals some secrets about how to get by on bike in Rome.


ps. The images of me are stills taken from my music video When I Think About You, directed by Federico Tinelli!

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Introduction to The Trip Magazine’s “USA” issue (Fall 2013)

I have been fortunate enough to spend this fall in the United States for the first time in 5 years. On October 8, I arrived in my home state of New Hampshire just in time to do some leaf-peeping and marvel at the fall foliage before heading west to California and setting off on a transcontinental adventure.

This trip home, I was able to visit some cities in the US that I had never seen before. After my friends’ wedding outside Santa Cruz, I popped up to San Francisco (where I left my heart) and then down to Los Angeles, City of Light, for the first time before heading to New Orleans for another first look and another wedding. No trip to the US is complete without a stop-off in NYC and a moment to relax in tropical Florida, where I celebrated the life of a truly dignified world traveler: my grandmother. Now, I am back in the Northeast where I’ll celebrate my favorite American holiday, Halloween.

Last fall, I was in Rome but felt like I was at home as I wrote the introduction to The Trip Magazine’s Fall 2013 issue featuring the United States of America. As my article reveals and this recent trip home confirms, I can’t help but long for my home country at times. There may be other countries that are more beautiful, but there is no place on earth with more heart and more drive than the good ol’ US of A. To quote a brilliant satire by Trey Parker & Matt Stone, “America, f*ck yeah!”

A Land of 17 Romes_Final print

The Trip Cover

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More love from my alma mater

More love from my alma mater

A very flattering review of my music by my friends over at Wesleying. You guys are the best! Click the photo to read the entire review, watch my video and listen to my music.

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Who is TEss? Bilingual interview in Il Fatto Bresciano

Who is TEss? Bilingual interview in Il Fatto Bresciano

I recently had the pleasure of being on the other end of an interview when I sat down with Christian Pinna of Il Fatto Bresciano to talk about my music, my approach to songwriting and the album I’m currently working on here in Italy. It was a lot of fun, especially getting lost in translation as we worked to make this a fully bilingual interview. Check it out!

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My new music video “When I Think About You”

Music & lyrics by TEss (Tess Amodeo-Vickery)
Directed by Federico Iris Osmo Tinelli

Song-writing and article-writing aren’t so far off… write? 😉

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Feature for JPeople Magazine

I was fortunate to be called out of my “writing coma” by JPeople Magazine – a Berlin-based art & culture magazine for lovers of the urban underground – to pen my personal experiences and memoirs of Roman counterculture. Check out scans of my article (in English) and some beautiful photos by Jessica Stewart (, Marco Gargano and Jacopo Pergameno.


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A Little Love(?) from Wesleying

Was googling my name earlier today (see interview question #8) and came across this shout-out from the sassy scriptors at popular college blog, Wesleying. Thanks, guys? 


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Dear Ezra: Wall Street Was No Match for a Liberal Arts Degree

Click here to read the full article as it appeared in GOOD Magazine


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This Homegrown Youth Movement is Occupying Italy

Click here to read the full article as it appeared in GOOD Magazine


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Velvet Revolution: inside the arts protests at Rome’s Teatro Valle

Click here to read the full article as it ran in The Guardian



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